PAKISTAN: Bonded laborers, children toil away at brick kilns

“There are about 1.7 million bonded laborers in Pakistan, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO). Despite laws banning bonded labor, forced labor, often through debt bondage, remains widespread. Family labor by children aged 10-14 producing unbaked bricks is a central part of work at the 6,000 or so brick kilns across the country.

When female children are not working at the kiln, they will be doing domestic chores, leaving other family members free to manufacture bricks. The advances families are able to get are most often larger when more members work at the kiln, and this promotes the use of children as a labor force. Most children engaged at kilns do not go to school.”

Source: IRIN

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3 responses to “PAKISTAN: Bonded laborers, children toil away at brick kilns

  1. this is very sad to hear that … our government have to do something for that and thankx for sharinf this post …..

  2. Muhammad Shah

    It is an alarming situation; I am too working on this evil practice. Children are working with their families and highly vulnerable to many threats and exploitations. My field is to look into the sociological factors causing bonded child labour in the brick kilns of KPK

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