Bangladesh on World Bank, IMF: All rhetoric, no action

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Xinhua reports that Bangladesh senior official Mirza Azizul Islam lambasted the world’s primary financial lenders for failing to act against the international food crisis. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are not really taking steps to avert the global food problem, according to Bangladesh finance adviser Mirza Azizul Islam. “Food costs are on the rise and Bangladesh and many other countries are in trouble. Our government is having a hard time coping with the burden of ever-increasing subsidies on food as the prices are climbing in the international market,” remarked Islam. “The World Bank and IMF are expressing concern over the crisis, but they are not doing anything to ease the problem,” he added. In addition to the food situation, the Bangladeshi official also urged the agencies to assist developing countries in coming up with solutions to the problems posed by climate change. Source: Bangladesh slams donors for inaction over food crisis (Xinhua)




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