Economic Impact of Peacekeeping

This interesting study conducted by the Peace Dividend Trust assesses peacekeeping missions, their costs and benefits. It also debunks some of the negative myths and confirms some of the commonly held views on the subject. The Preface states:

United Nations peacekeeping missions presently spend about $5 billion a year and are
regularly criticized for a wide array of damage they are thought to do to the war-torn
economies into which they deploy. They are criticized for inducing inflation, for
dominating the real estate market, for co-opting the best local talent and for drawing the
most capable people away from both government and the local private sector. Despite
the broad range of criticisms, however, data on these economic impacts had not been
regularly collected or analyzed.1 Although nearly everyone who has been on a
peacekeeping mission in any capacity has an opinion on the topic, the actual economic
impact of a complex peace operation has been assessed only once, in 1993, in Cambodia,
while the United Nations operation there was still underway. There have been no other
detailed assessments of economic impact, until now.

Read the full text of this insightful study – though many might not agree with all the broad conclusions..

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