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Establishment of institute of disaster management – Bangladesh

A. K. M. Abdul Ahad Biswas, Ph.D

Living with risk and to develop disaster risk reduction initiatives, priority emphasis must be given to education as an essential part of disaster reduction and management strategies. The various dimensions of disaster risk management within a community can be addressed and continuously reinforced, passed between generations, through formal educational programs and professional training. People’s understanding and the exercise of their professional skills are essential components of disaster management and risk reduction strategy. An investment in human resources and increasing individual capabilities across generations are likely to have more lasting value than any specific investments made in technical measures to reduce and manage disaster risks.

Due to over exploitation and indiscriminant use of nature, it has been becoming more and more ferocious causing massive destruction. We have such terrible experiences on 15 November, 2007, in 1991 as well as in 1971. Again we are in great challenges of green house effects of inundating total costal belt accounting 580 km length sea beach which is one third of our country and 10,090 sq km of in-country water area (Ref: Map Asia).

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