PAKISTAN: Literacy ratio still at 50 percent

“Literacy ratio in Pakistan still remains at 50 percent, mainly because of small budgetary allocations, lack of political will and delays in disbursement of funds, according to Unesco. In the region, Pakistan has been ranked higher only than Nepal and Bangladesh, which have literacy rates of 49 and 43 percent, respectively. Other countries have far better ratios: the Maldives, 96 percent; Sri Lanka, 91 percent; and India, 61 percent.

Sindh has the highest percentage in education which stands at 54 percent followed by Punjab (52 percent) and the NWFP (40 percent). Balochistan has the lowest ratio — 33 percent. Unesco attributed the low level of literacy rate to factors like weak organizational infrastructure, low professional capacity, lack of research, non-availability of proper training institutes, low public awareness and lack of evaluation and monitoring system.”

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6 responses to “PAKISTAN: Literacy ratio still at 50 percent

  1. Ashfaque

    good post for general knowledge

  2. very informative post and good for the knowledge …..

  3. rafiq ahmad

    i feel very sham when i litsn such thing…… that v r very behind in education… if our political parties take interest then v can imp[rove it… but what could they do cz all of them are illetrate… how an illetrate person make policy for education……….

  4. I think anuall budget, motivation, and the inflence of politics in education are the major causes that effect all the education system.dropout ratio before primary level is almost 60% in all pakistan. who is responsible for that , people, parents, teachers, education department, politicians, policy makers or (students whom are not be aware of education benefits).

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