Somalia, Ethiopia and the cynical West

Our Government’s Dirty Little Secrets.
George Galloway thundering at the House of Commons debates – Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Most astonishingly of all, the Government of Ethiopia—that starving country whose little children are fly infested, kwashiorkor swollen, famished and famine stricken—have been encouraged, armed, trained, financed and otherwise facilitated to invade and occupy their neighbour, Somalia, and create a reign of terror in that land, which is testified to by this voluminous Amnesty International report, which, if I had time, I would extensively quote from.

Somalia has lost thousands of dead as a result of the Ethiopian invasion. Millions have been displaced. Somalia, under Ethiopian occupation, is the grimmest prison state in Africa—far worse than Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

Who has done the encouraging, the arming, the training, the financing and the facilitating? The same US and British Governments who donated the $90 million to the same Ethiopian Government who are burning their money and burning the villages, the neighbourhoods and the people of occupied Somalia.

This Government are never done talking about the shortcomings of African leaders. Just last week in Rome, the Secretary of State for International Development was roaring at Robert Mugabe, yet there has not been a squeak out of him, or any other Minister, about the much bigger crime in which we are ourselves deeply complicit. Is it any wonder that African opinion considers so much of what we have to say about misgovernance in Africa to be the deepest, most cynical hypocrisy?


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One response to “Somalia, Ethiopia and the cynical West

  1. gudu Kasa

    this is from ETHIOPIA u are brothers, I’m offended by what has been done.Don’t even think that the people is your enemy. your enemy is the so called EPRDF .WE ARE ALSO IN PRISON. BUT PLEASE DON’T SAY THAT WE ARE STARVED, WE KNMOW THAT.

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