The debate on vertical funds: necessary or overheated?

The debate on vertical funds: necessary or overheated?

June 25th, 2008
Posted by Liz Delph

For the past decade, vertical funds have been the new “hook” in development aid. Does this mean that they are a fad that will soon be replaced by another trend, rendered as outdated as conditionality? Or are they simply the current expression of our constantly evolving knowledge on development aid? The debate on vertical funds is reaching an all-time high, with calls for certain vertical funds to be completely dismantled, and others who claim they are the only means in the fight against some of the most serious global issues in history.

How else could polio have been largely erradicated? How else could millions of people been place on anti-retroviral treatment?

Yet, how are we going to help countries to manage such programs on their own in the future?

This debate is a necessary path in the evolution of our knowledge. Let’s keep discussing this until the debate itself has become outdated.

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