And now a development army?

On the prospects of a Development Army here

…Several problems remain, not least the effectiveness of Development work at present in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Billions have been spent in both places and much of the funds are often misappropriated. Whether the military’s involvement in the future will make those handling such funds more accountable remains to be seen.

Secondly many in the Development sector opposed both the invasion of Afghanistan and then later the attack on Iraq. Their willingness to be involved and associated with any future operations may be doubtful and therefore may throw into jeopardy any possible future involvement with the Military.

General Dannatt’s speech may embolden those who believe in ‘Liberal interventionism’ as championed by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. It may be that this method, usually associated with intervention by one or more country in the affairs of another may well in the end only sit well with a supra national organisation such as the United Nations. Seen as being above narrow national interests, the Development sector may prove to be more of a natural bedfellow with UN Blue Berets’ than with any one nations’ military.


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