Reforming Governance Systems under Real-World Conditions

This is a policy brief worth reading. Full text here

Although necessary and often first rate, technocratic solutions alone have been ineffective in delivering real change or lasting results in governance reforms. This is primarily because reform programs are delivered not in controlled environments, but under complex, diverse, sociopolitical, and economic conditions. Real-world conditions.

In political societies ownership of reform programs by the entire country cannot be assumed, public opinion will not necessarily be benign, and coalitions of support may be scarce or nonexistent, even when intended reforms really will benefit those who need them most…

The publication mentions six key challenges for governance practitoners:

Six Key Challenges for Governance Reformers

Uncovering the challenges inherent in building support for governance reform through political analysis;
Securing political will and the best methods for reaching out to political leaders, policy makers and legislators;
Gaining support of public sector middle managers, often the strongest opponents of change;
Building broad coalitions of pro-change influentials and dealing with powerful vested
Transforming indifferent or hostile public opinion into support for reform objectives;
Encouraging citizen demand for accountability to sustain governance reform.


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