oOpenDemocracy on world poverty and global justice

Some great links here:

Rajeev Bhargava, “Poverty and political freedom” (12 August 2003)

Ehsan Masood, “The aid business: phantoms and realities” (18 July 2006)

Farida Khan, “Muhammad Yunus: an economics for peace“, (25 October 2006)

Stephen Browne, “Whatever happened to ‘development’?” (18 April 2007)

Paul Collier, “The aid evasion: raising the ‘bottom billion’” (11 June 2007)

Paul Rogers, “The world’s food insecurity” (24 April 2008)

Simon Maxwell, “Development in a downturn” (4 July 2008)

Lyndall Stein, “Ethiopia: the tears and the rains” (23 July 2008)

Andrew Shepherd, “The anti-poverty relay: a progress report” (24 September 2008)

Anita Sharma, “The core crisis: standing with the poor” (30 October 2008)

Michael Edwards, “Philanthrocapitalism: after the goldrush” (19 March 2008)

Michael Edwards, “Philanthrocapitalism: old myths, new realities” (14 November 2008)

Paul Rogers, “A world on the edge” (29 January 2009)

Göran Therborn, “The killing-fields of inequality” (6 April 2009)

Patrice de Beer, “Esther Duflo: the new French intellectual” (9 April 2009)


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