Healthcare for all – insurance initiative

I read this interesting email notice and thought that it should be shared here. RR

On August 14th, 2009, as our beloved Pakistan celebrates its 62nd year of Independence, is also marking its first year in existence.  We would like to thank all our readers who have made PakUSonline a part of their lives.

In dual celebration, we offer our readers a great treat by way of our August Voice(s) of the Month: Asher Hasan and Irum Musharraf.  These two remarkable individuals are blazing new trails through the foundation of ‘Naya Jeevan’ – the first affordable health care insurance for low income families through out the emerging world (

As civil society struggles with noble causes like education and relief work for IDPs, these two are adding the health care angle to our brave struggles.  A basic right in most developed countries (at least in theory), healthcare remains a luxury in Pakistan.

We urge our readers to support Naya Jeevan and to make healthcare available to all!

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