G8 and G20 meeting arouses the ire of Canadians

I was sent this piece entitled Free lap-dance, am still looking for the source but this makes a great read.. Strip-club in Toronto announces, "Free lap-dance for all Presidents. Must have valid ID."

G8 and G20 summit in Toronto has the downtown core barricaded. Many streets have been closed for traffic in the area marked as red-zone. Weekend business in the entertainment district was slow as moving around has become a baffling exercise.

I saw a protest last night which had fewer participants than the number of cops assigned to keep them off the restricted areas.

The G8 and G20 meeting has aroused the ire of Canadians for extravagant expenditure while residents of Toronto express anger and frustration at hardship due to road closures. This assembly of world leaders will cost more than one billion dollars to Canadians and the Conservative government of Canada will have a tough time satisfying the critics and political opponents. A common reaction on the street includes suggestions that such meetings should be held via video-conferencing while cynics advise the world leaders to meet in desolate places like the middle of an ocean or space.

Last year, the G8 had resolved to increase investment on agriculture world-wide by 22 billion dollars but not a single extra penny of investment materialized through the year. The expenditure of over one billion on the leaders moot, critics argue, could be well spent towards eradicating hunger.

Wonder if a world leader with valid ID patronized Toronto strippers.


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