Launch of the report; “It’s the thought that Counts”; Humanitarian principles and practices in Pakistan

Humanitarianism & humanitarian practice are facing unprecedented challenges. With the increasingly complex nature of conflicts; the plethora of stakeholders in humanitarian delivery; the increasingly blurred lines between humanitarian assistance, development & state building agendas; the politicization of aid; the very validity, relevance & efficiency of the Humanitarian Project are being questioned and challenged. Since 2003, the UN Humanitarian Reform Mechanisms have increasingly become the way we do business. There have been several evaluations, assessments & critique of these mechanisms.

In 2006, ActionAid conducted a research “The Evolving UN Cluster Approach in Pakistan Earthquake: An NGO Perspective” which looked at the then newly introduced UN reform mechanisms & analyzed the gaps and challenges and came up with recommendations for strengthening these mechanisms & increasing their effectiveness. After four years i.e. in 2009, as part of a 10 organization Consortium in a multi-country project aiming at strengthening the effectiveness of the UN Humanitarian Reform mechanisms, operationalizing the Principles of Partnership & increasing downward accountability in the four focus countries. The idea for this research- “It’s the thought that counts” started as a follow-up on evaluation of the UN Humanitarian Reforms in Pakistan post the Spring/ Summer 2009 insurgency operations and the resulting humanitarian crisis.

This research report attempts to view the effectiveness of humanitarian reform processes and humanitarianism more broadly by looking through the eyes of those were uprooted in the Swat and Buner Districts. The main purpose is to give voice to the affected communities in assessing and influencing the reform mechanisms. This report will bring, for the first time, these voices, recommendations and what they would like to see in terms of humanitarian response. Your presence will help us in forwarding the agenda of reforms at the global level while keeping the community at the heart of this process. The abridged version of the report has already been shared with you electronically through your humanitarian affairs officer.

The launch has been planned for 29th June in Peshawar at Pearl Continental Hotel, 2-4pm.

Action Aid

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