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CGD Pakistan Report criticises U.S. over lack of aid transparency

A report released yesterday by the Center for Global Development (CGD) has brought to light the United States’ lack of aid transparency in its activities in Pakistan. The report notes that despite widespread agreement from State Department and USAIDleaders on the benefits of transparency, very little progress has been made: “Transparency has not been a priority, and the lack of clear information generates scepticism and mistrust in Pakistan.” (Page 1)

It continues, “No one is sure what the United States is trying to accomplish in the development space. Because of a debilitating lack of transparency in the aid program, no one is even sure what the United States is doing.” (Page 4)Click here to read complete article



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Ex-Blair mandarin earning £4,400 A DAY in austerity Britain to advise on foreign aid


A former aide to Tony Blair was paid an ‘obscene’ £5,505 a day to advise the Government on doling out its vast foreign aid budget.

However the Department for International Development (DFID) has negotiated a discount with Sir Michael Barber, and he is now working for a bargain £4,404 a day.

Details of the deal with Sir Michael, head of the Downing Street ‘delivery unit’ under Mr Blair, have been leaked to the Daily Mail. A whistleblower at the DFID said it was appalling evidence of how the department was ‘losing its focus’ on helping the world’s poor.Click here to read remaining article

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