This blog is about Development business, its uses and abuses; the distortions that it can cause and the occasional impact that it may bring about.

The Development Industry is big and powerful; and is well intentioned. But it is not without its failings nor devoid of hypocris….

This classic poem by Ross Coggins, almost a cliche now provides the partial inspiration for this blog:

The Development Set

Excuse me, friends, I must catch my jet-
I’m off to join the Development Set;
My bags are packed, and I’ve had all my shots,
I have travelers’ checks, and pi;;s for the trots

The Development Set is bright and noble,
Our thoughts are deep and our vision global;
Although we move with the better classes,
Our thoughts are always with the masses.

In Sheraton hotels in scattered nations,
We damn multinational corporations;
Injustice seems so easy to protest,
In such seething hotbeds of social rest.

We discuss malnutrition over steaks
And plan hunger talks during coffee breaks.
Whether Asian floods or African drought,
We face each issue with an open mouth.

We bring in consultants whose circumlocution
Raises difficulties for every solution-
Thus guaranteeing continued good eating
By showing the need for another meeting.

The language of the Development Set
Stretches the English alphabet;
We use swell eords like ‘epigenetic’,
‘Micro’, ‘Macro’. and ‘logarithmetic’.

Development Set homes are extremely chic,
Full of carvings, curios and draped with batik.
Eye-level photographs subtly assure
That your host is at home with the rich and the poor.

Enough of these verses — on with the mission!
Our task is as broad as the human condition!
Just parry to God the biblical promise is true:
The poor ye shall always have with you.

From Graham Hancock’s book “Lords of Poverty”; Reprinted here

4 responses to “About

  1. uff … (i may have said this before) (my vocab is quite limited without the aid of an electronic dictionary) where DO you find the time!? hats off to you, yaar.

    haven’t had time to read any of the posts here, just clicked on the link in your email of today. will hopefully try to *churn* something out for p.t.h. tomorrow (rolls eyes while lip-syncing “famous last words”).

  2. kashkin

    Hey Raza,
    Another brilliant website you have created and characterised in its ethos with all the surrounding issues….good work my friend.

    great poem by the way by way ” The Development Set”…

    Speak to you later


  3. Ah Rumi Sb
    I keep discovering you!!
    A very nice and spot on blog, esp. when being from the same profession (if they call it one), writings as these turn me on my head, every now and then.
    Somewhere down the line I might overcome my lethargy, procrastination and unlimited supply of laziness, and start contributing to the world in ways as diverse as yours.
    btw, have you been to http://www.globalissues.org/ ?
    I wonder if people in the “development” industry read him.
    Anyway, best of luck,

  4. Thank you for this wonderful resource. I’m writing a media project directed at the personal ethics, motivations, and agendas of humanitarain workers. Our survey can be found at http//www.surveymonkey.com/s/reliefnationA
    I would greatly appreciate your help. All the Best, Louis

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