Engaging the Public in National Budgeting

U.S., Office of Management and Budget, http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/

Korea, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Budget Overview, http://www.mpb.go.kr/kor/download.jsp?attachFileName=2007_Budget_Overview.PDF&displayName=2007_Budget_Overview.PDF&menuFlag=E330

New Zealand, Treasury, “Key Facts for Taxpayers,” http://www.treasury.govt.nz/budget/2007/taxpayers

Japan, Ministry of Finances, “Let’s Talk About Taxes 2007”

http://www.mof.go.jp/english/tax/tax001/pn02.htm  and “Current Japanese Fiscal Conditions and Issues to be Considered,” http://www.mof.go.jp/english/budget/pamphlet/cjfc2007.pdf

Canada, Ministry of Finance, “Where Your Tax Dollar Goes,” http://www.fin.gc.ca/taxdollar07/mm/taxdollars0607_e.html

France, Ministry of Finance, BudgetFlash, http://didacticiel.paraschool.com/budgetflash/ and BudgetScope, http://didacticiel.paraschool.com/budgetscope/ and Cyberbudget, http://www.cyber-budget.fr/

United Kingdom, HM TreasuryYouTube, http://www.youtube.com/hmtreasuryuk

France, Les Forums, http://www.forums.gouv.fr/

Singapore, Ministry of Finance, “Give Us Your Feedback,” http://www.mof.gov.sg/budget_2008/feedback.html

Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, Hong Kong, “Broadening Our Tax Base, Ensuring Our Future Prosperity: What’s the Best Option for Hong Kong ” http://www.taxreform.gov.hk/

U.S. International Budget Project, http://www.internationalbudget.org/

India, Center for Budget and Governance Accountability, “Let’s Talk About Budget,” http://www.cbgaindia.org/publications/books_reports/PRIMER-1-FIN%20reduced.pdf

U.S., The Concord Coalition Fiscal Wake-Up Tour, http://www.concordcoalition.org/events/fiscal-wake-up/index.html

U.S. Next 10, California Budget Challenge on-line game, http://nextten.org/budget/challenge.html#

U.S., Wallstats, “Death and Taxes”, http://www.wallstats.com/



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