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15 lakh children in Bangladesh work in hazardous jobs

Mamunur Rashid

At least 15lakh children are engaged in hazardous occupations in the country and the number is rising day by day due to the hike in food price. Moreover, most of them work with little or no pay but for three meager meals.

According to reports, there are 218 million child laborers between the age of five and 17 in the world. Of them, 126 million are performing dangerous tasks or working in hazardous conditions.

In Bangladesh, there are 79 lakh working children of whom 64 lakh are in rural and 15 lakh in urban areas. Of them 15 lakh are engaged in hazardous jobs. Continue reading

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NEPAL: Girls sold by parents for domestic labor

Source: IRIN

“There are over 20,000 indentured domestic workers in Nepal. The ‘Kamlari’ system originated nearly 50 years ago when poor families provided daughters as domestic servants in exchange for cash. The practice is still prevalent and most of the girls are brought to households in Nepal’s cities and towns where employers include politicians, bureaucrats, teachers, etc.

Besides the labor exploitation, the girls also suffer from sexual abuse, rape, physical torture, starvation and neglect of education, and there are also many cases of the girls being trafficked for prostitution both in Nepal and to India.”

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INDIA: Corrupt doctors aiding child labor

Source: Medindia Net

“Only children above 14 years of age can legally work in India, but this law is often ignored because of the widespread poverty. Labor department officials frequently claim to crack down on firms employing under-aged workers and release children, but they have no answer to the question how could they really eradicate child labor when poverty is so crushing.

Even the small money children bring back home from sweatshops is welcome.  Dctors issuing false birth certificates, for a consideration of course, is a fact of life. It is this part of the problem the government vows to tackle in the coming months.”

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Bangladesh: Labor Activists in Export Sector Harassed

For Immediate Release

Recent Arrest Shows Government’s Misuse of Emergency Powers

(New York, January 31, 2008) – Bangladesh’s interim government should immediately end the recent harassment of labor rights activists who are conducting legitimate activities to protect the rights of workers in the country, Human Rights Watch said today.

On January 24, 2008, Mehedi Hasan of the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) was arrested and detained by National Security Intelligence in Dhaka. His arrest is believed to be directly linked to the labor rights monitoring that he carried out for WRC, an nongovernmental organization that investigates labor practices at apparel factories, largely on behalf of US colleges and universities. Continue reading

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PAKISTAN: Bonded laborers, children toil away at brick kilns

“There are about 1.7 million bonded laborers in Pakistan, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO). Despite laws banning bonded labor, forced labor, often through debt bondage, remains widespread. Family labor by children aged 10-14 producing unbaked bricks is a central part of work at the 6,000 or so brick kilns across the country.

When female children are not working at the kiln, they will be doing domestic chores, leaving other family members free to manufacture bricks. The advances families are able to get are most often larger when more members work at the kiln, and this promotes the use of children as a labor force. Most children engaged at kilns do not go to school.”

Source: IRIN

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