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Country Ownership Is Critical for Aid Effectiveness

Washington , D.C., August 29, 2008— As food shortages and fuel price shocks have swelled the ranks of the poor by 100 million – 30 million in Africa alone, the international community is meeting in Accra to find a way to unlock the full potential of development assistance.

The Accra High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, taking place September 2-4 in Ghana, will assess the progress made since the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness was adopted in 2005. The Paris Declaration redefined the development process as a partnership in which countries take the lead in their own development, and donors support the process through capacity development, improved coordination at the country level, and more predictable aid flows.

Country Ownership Is Critical for Aid Effectiveness

The five key principles of aid effectiveness articulated in the Paris Declaration – ownership, alignment, harmonization, managing for results, and mutual accountability – captured the essence of both donor and partner country frustrations with the way aid was being managed. Countries wanted more say in how aid is used, while donors, mindful of the expectations of their citizens and shareholders, wanted countries to develop results-based, monitorable systems for managing aid flows, and to address issues of corruption. Continue reading

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