Lords of Poverty by Graham Hancock

By Edward Bosnar

It’s too bad that updated editions of “Lords of Poverty” were never published; indeed, even this edition was out of print for several years before this reprint edition. Hancock’s writing style here may be a sustained rant, but it nevertheless provides a great deal of useful information and tears down many of the misconceptions most Americans or Europeans may have about the international aid industry. Particularly interesting is his criticism of the various UN agencies and, especially, the World Bank and the IMF – whose projects all too often do more harm than good (if they do any good at all). Perhaps the most disturbing aspect exposed in this book is still quite valid today: that taxpayers in the big donor countries like the U.S., Germany, Japan, the U.K. etc. are footing the bill for many disastrous projects worldwide that make the lives of impoverished populations even worse and often destroy in the environment in the process. “Lords of Poverty” may be dated, but it’s still well worth the read.


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8 responses to “Lords of Poverty by Graham Hancock

  1. Joe

    A great book. More like it are needed today. GH is a super writer and speaker, I wish I were as good. My work is for peace and better schools and less violence. We all CAN get along on earth if we get proper leaders in office.

  2. Jonas

    Anybody knows if there has been a reaction by the UN or World Bank?

    Is there a recent discussion about the subject?

    Please let me know at jonasdejong@gmail.com

  3. am a medical doctor working in the public service as a medical superintendent in a high volume distric hospitan which serve a cathcment population of poor people many of whom are infected with HIV and gets free treatment .most of our support comes from foreign aid and i find this book very disturbing if this is what goes on .i though the west are transparent and act in the best interest of the people they purport to raise funds for but i find this a mockery of the west

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